Geralds, named after Gerald the Shiny, is the currency of the TCP's 'New Tagog Plan', which seeks to bring in Communism and make life fairer for all. The currency itself takes the form of coupons, not conventional coins or notes, which are set in different values. A gerald is equivalent to four marks (Get it? Marx?)

The current denominations of Geralds are:

  • 1 mark (orange)
  • 2 marks (yellow)
  • 3 marks (pink)
  • 1 gerald / 4 marks (cyan)
  • 6 marks / 1.5 geralds (white)
  • 2 geralds (light blue)
  • 3 geralds (red)
  • 4 geralds (navy blue)
  • 5 geralds (purple)
  • 10 geralds (black)

There is also the rare half-mark, which is grey.

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